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Cellphone Forensics Class


Length: 4 Days 

Designed For: Criminal Analysts, Police Officers, Detectives and Lawyers seeking to enhance investigations with the use of the Cell Phone Forensic Software.

Prerequisites: Law Enforcement, Criminal Analysts, Military Personnel or Lawyer.

Requirements: Students will need to bring own laptop and a Cellebrite Dongle.

Description: This course is designed to enhance the investigations of cell phones with foundational skills and knowledge necessary for the forensic examination within the software.

Objectives Covered:

  • Logical Examinations using the Cellebrite U4PC

  • Full Filesystem Examinations using the Cellebrite U4PC

  • Understanding the interface of Cellebrite Physical Analyzer

  • In depth breakdown and usage of Cellebrite Physical Analyzer

  • Report Generation using Cellebrite Physical Analyzer

  • Introduction to freeware tools available in the industry

  • Common used terminology in the industry

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