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Black Friday Sale. Forensic systems are five hundred dollars off, notebooks are three hundred dollars off. The FD Signal Armor faraday bag is on sale for sixteen dollars and the extra large FD Signal Armor faraday bag is on sale for sixty dollars.



FD Signal Armor Extra Large Faraday Bag
Snow Flake
FDR-i9 Forensic Workstation

Save $500 when you buy any forensic workstation and save $300 on any notebooks.

FD Signal Armor Faraday Bag for $16 
 FD  Signal Armor XL Faraday Bag for $60
Shop Our Black Friday Sale Collection
Sentinel i9 Notebook
FD Signal Armor Faraday Bag
Snow Flake
Sale begins on November 23, 2022 and ends November 30, 2022

Powerful Forensic Systems

The FDR-i9

Shop our best selling forensic system!

FDR-i9 Workstation


Provider of cutting-edge forensic hardware and software for computer forensic experts in the law enforcement, education, military, civil, or corporate field.

Our products investigate, identify, preserve, and analyze electronically stored information found in various devices including, but not limited to, hard drives, computer networks, external storage devices, PDAs, and cell phones without compromising the evidence inside. 

FD Signal Armor

FD Signal Armor Faraday Bag

Faraday bag that secures your digital device

Designed to fit all cell phones up to the size of a Mini iPad

Keeps electronic devices shielded from hackers, trackers, or other corruptions



Based on years of experience in highly technical and complex projects, we aim

to improve the customer's bottom line and deliver superior products and services at a reduced cost.

Our dedicated, professional teams are consistently contributing practical 

knowledge to conceptual design of systems and infrastructure.

California Department of Justice Logo

The California Department of Justice 

Advanced Training Center

The Department of Justice Advanced Training Center classroom with the forensic equipment ForensicDrone provided for the class.

ForensicDrone has proudly equipped California Department of Justice Advanced Training Center for the past eight years. We provide all hardware/software for the two-week PC Forensics – Advanced Computer Forensics for the Investigator or a.k.a Build-a-Box class course. 


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Anaheim, CA 92807

Call Us: 714.238.8888

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1200 N. Van Buren ST. STE A

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