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• 8’x8’x8’ RF/EMI Shielding Tent

• Blocks 5G, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, and RF signals

• Test Range: 250kHz - 40GHz

• Shield Range: -135 - 15dBm

• Power Filter Box and Ethernet connector

• Heavy duty rubber floor mat

• LED lighting strip 

Electronic devices need to be charged and they cannot be taken out of the faraday bag without compromising the blocked signals. The FD-FT8 Signal Armor Faraday Tent is designed with an entry door, allowing forensic examiners to enter the entrance area, close the zipper securely, and ensure all signals are completely blocked. Utilizing the second zipper door to access the main tent, it becomes safe to remove cellphones, iPads, and all other electronic devices from the faraday bag for examination.

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