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The Tableau T3iu Forensic SATA Imaging Bay is built for extremely fast write-blocked acquisitions of of 3.5" and 2.5" SATA hard drives. T3iu was designed for easy integration into new or existing workstations using a single SuperSpeed USB 3.0 host connection.


The data transfer bandwidth offered by USB 3.0 provides system integrators the opportunity to scale SATA imaging capability of workstations by adding multiple T3iu units. Whether used by itself or in combination with the Tableau T35689iu Forensic Combination Bridge, the T3iu is a cost effective way to eliminate your SATA imaging backlog.


The T3iu package, which fits in one 5.25" half-height drive bay, is three forensic products in one: a high-performance SATA write blocker, a suspect drive cooler, and a suspect drive tray. Unique to the T3iu is a hard drive receptacle which eliminates the need for drive signal cables. Changing suspect drives is more efficient due in part to the enhanced hot-swap capability of USB 3.0. No other SATA write blocker on the market today can match the performance and user convenience of the Tableau T3iu.


Forensic Imaging benchmark testing conducted in the Tableau engineering lab reflects the outstanding performance the T3iu offers. The chart below shows imaging speeds in excess of 16 GB/min when using fast solid-state drives and performance matched imaging software.

As with all other Tableau products, firmware updates are easy to apply using the Tableau Firmware Update utility, which has been rewritten to support product firmware updates via USB. The T3iu incorporates the exclusive Tableau "U" update button for secure and reliable management of product firmware updates.

Tableau T3iu Forensic SATA Imaging Bay

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